Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Cousins in Christ O Night Divine
Music Spotlight Interview Cousins in Christ O Night Divine By Lisa M. Hendey Christmas is a time of celebration rich spiritual tradition and family. With the release of their new CD O Night Divine the Catholic music group Cousins in Christ combines these three elements creating a masterpiece your family will treasure for years to come. These talented young singers ages fourteen through nineteen are actually double cousins sharing the same two sets of grandparents. John Paul

ROMANCE 101How to turn Your Relationship into a Great Romance!
OK...Lets talk about romance! The 1 most important thing you need to turn your relationship into a great romance is DESIRE. You have to WANT great romance in your life. Well who wouldnt want that? But it wont just happen...it will take some effort. But it will be well worth it! When asking couples why they think the romance has escaped their relationships the most common excuse is TIME. Its sooooooo hard to find time and energy to devote to your relatio

This Is The Day the Lord Has Made...SPLASH!
Last Saturday morning I jumped from the bed excited about the day. I made the bed quickly and threw my hands toward the ceiling as I walked to the bedroom door. Lord I declared I just want to thank you that Im a child of the most high God this morning! This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad... SPLASH! In midsentence I had thrown open the door to my bedroom and stepped into a pool of water covering my living room carpet. BR


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