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 ROMANCE 101�How to turn Your Relationship into a Great Romance!

Author: Gina Woods

OK...Let's talk about romance! The #1 most important thing
you need to turn your relationship into a great romance is
DESIRE. You have to WANT great romance in your life. Well,
who wouldn't want that? But it won't just will
take some effort. But it will be well worth it!

When asking couples why they think the romance has escaped
their relationships, the most common excuse is TIME. It's
sooooooo hard to find time and energy to devote to your
relationships. But think for a moment back to your
courtship. What was different then? Didn't you have a job
then? Didn't you have other responsibilities then? Of course
you did...maybe not to the extent that you do now, but you
still had a schedule to keep, whether it was attending
college, studying, playing sports, attending club meetings,
keeping a job, etc. But somehow you found the time to "woo"
your partner, right? You found time to date, right? Why?
Because you WANTED TO! You planned it into your schedule and
did it! And why were those times together so special?
Because that specific amount of time was set aside and
reserved for one reason...ROMANCE! And during those "dates"
you gave 100% of your attention to each other, right? That's
what made it special.

Now I want you to think about the last time you and your
partner went out to dinner. What did you talk about? Maybe
it was the family finances, or difficulties at work,
or...the KIDS. Wow, what a romantic dinner, huh? That's the
problem. You have to learn to create romantic situations
that focus 100% on each other. Save the "problem solving"
for another time. I can't tell you how many times in the
past my husband and I went out to dinner and whenever we got
home, I didn't even feel like we went out! Why? Because the
whole time we were out, we were busy doing that "problem
solving" stuff instead of enjoying what little time we had
together. So, that's the second most important thing you
need to turn your relationship into a great
romance...PRIORITY. Make it a priority to spend quality,
FOCUSED time with your partner. These special times should
be set aside JUST for the two of you to enjoy each others
company...nothing else...PERIOD.

Okay...So now we have established that creating great
romance will require DESIRE, and making it a PRIORITY. The
next thing we need is a PLAN! You may have heard the saying,
"You didn't plan to fail, you just failed to plan!" Anything
worth doing requires a good plan. It can be as simple as
scheduling one evening per week as "date night," or
promising to spend "x" amount of time doing something
romantic for your partner each week. There are plenty of
books, magazines, web sites, newsletters, etc. that will
give you lots of ideas to use for your romantic "dates." Use
your imagination & be creative! The most important thing is
to make a plan and then stick to matter what.

After that, all that's left to do is sit back and watch the
magic of romance do it's thing! Oh, I'm not saying that this
is going to be WILL take a little work. But it
will be FUN work!

About the Author

Gina M. Woods is an artist, graphic designer, wife, and mother of three children. Please visit her web site at for a variety of Christian gifts created from her artwork. She is also involved in affiliate marketing. Join her marketing team FREE at Get FREE step-by-step lessons & earn a steady income online. Questions and/or are welcome at


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