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Panama City Beach Artist First Christian Music "Weed" Distributor

Panama City Beach, FL February 26, 2004--Musician and songwriter James Moore is a pioneer in alternative distribution of Christian music. He is the first Weed Independent Content Provider (ICP) specializing in Christian music. He founded ChristianWeed.com in Dec 03 to distribute his music, and this venture has blossomed to include Christian artists from around the world. James' band, Overtly Christian, was one of the first Christian groups to have their CD, "The Passion," released in a new digital format called "Weed" (specially encoded Windows media files that play only three times unless purchased). "We're very happy to have our CD on local store shelves, but through the Internet and Weed we have a virtual global market for our music," says Moore.James' solo release "Crimson Drops of Mercy" reached the no. 1 chart position late last year on SoundClick.com and received national airplay Feb 21-22 over the Joy FM Network on Al Tyler's "Gospel in Song and Word" program. "Crimson Drops of Mercy" is the top-selling song to date on ChristianWeed.com, and James has received feedback that music leaders across the country are using this simple ballad in worship services.So far James has had 65 songs by Christian artists "Weedified", and some of these tracks have been picked up and carried by secular music distribution sites. "I'm thrilled that our music in some cases is listed right along with very worldly music – this provides a real potential for outreach to the lost," says Moore."Digital downloading of music is nothing new, but there's a huge difference with Weed. The big commercial download sites are based on the old model of broadcast TV – one source serves millions of customers. The beauty of Weed is that file sharing is highly encouraged (even rewarded), so every customer can become a distributor!"Here's how it works from a fan's point of view. The download and first three plays of a Weed song file are free for the purpose of evaluation. After three listens you are asked to pay, usually around $1. Once you pay for a song you can play it all you want, or even burn it to CD. New customers receive a complementary $5.00 credit, so the first few purchases are free.When you copy a Weed file for a friend, the copy reverts to an unpaid state, and after three free listens your friend will be asked to pay. Behind the scenes, payments are distributed to provide incentives for all involved. Half goes to the artist (or label), fifteen percent goes to Weed, and the rest is split among the last three people who paid for and shared the file.Find out more about James Moore and his music at http://movingtowardchrist.com or http://overtlychristian.com . Find out more about the Weed format at http://www.weedshare.com .

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