Sunday, October 16, 2005

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 But, God Remembered Noah

Author: Dot McGinnis

But, God Remembered Noah

God instructed Noah to build an ark, because He was going to destroy the earth. Noah did all that the Lord required of Him. Then, the Lord shut Noah in the ark. Noah was 'shut in the will of God'. Then, in due season, "God remembered Noah." Genesis 6-8

When God places us somewhere, even though we often feel as if we've been forgotten by Him, He remembers exactly where He's put us. And He will, at the proper time, in due season, remember us; just as He did Noah.

Oh, God, may I always be patient and wait for your perfect timing in my life and be comforted in knowing that you will never forget where you've placed me. Just because I don't see you moving in my life right now, Lord, doesn't mean that You're not.

The floodwaters in my life might not have subsided, as of yet. Please, Lord, help me always to remember that, as long as I am shut in Your will, I am safe. Help me to take comfort in knowing that at the proper time, in due season, You will remember me; just as You did Noah.
"But God remembered Noah ..." Genesis 8:1

2005 by Dot McGinnis

About the Author

Dot is a poet and a published author from
Pennsylvania who has served as assistant
editor for the Christian newspaper Majesty.
She is retired yet continues serving the Lord
via the Heavenly Inspirations Ministries.


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