Thursday, October 20, 2005

Christian Music

 Can you find good gospel song lyrics online?

Author: Syd Johnson

You can get some gospel songs lyrics with mp3 songs from major commercial music services. The only problem is that you won�t get a lot of the stuff by older, more established acts. Let�s face it, the music industry is driven by what is new, hip and youthful. This applies to all genres including gospel music.

There are some free fan sites where you can find gospel song lyrics, but it can be difficult to tell if the lyrics are accurate. Your best bet is to try one the software applications that will scour the web for song lyrics and import it into your mp3 player. The larger lyrics directories will have gospel lyrics because they are user driven directories.

The lyrics can be submitted by anyone who has access to the text from the CD case, or by transcribing them from the radio. The open nature of the directories gives users the ability to create entire categories and update them if that genre is underserved.

Why do I suggest the software route?

The time factor. Since Christian music and gospel music in particular is still relatively underserved on the internet, a freeware application that searches for the lyrics while you are surfing the web, playing games online, or chatting on instant messenger is essential.

You don�t have to wade through tons of spam and amateur collections to get the complete lyrics from your favorite songs.

Also, you want to have the lyrics available while you are listening to the songs. It�s no fun to have the music playing on your mp3 player while searching your emails for the lyrics.

Where do I start?

Check with the music service where you are getting your mp3. If there is an option to search by genre, you can simply type in gospel song lyrics and wait for the software to update your files and save your changes. Look for discussion boards and user request services as well.

If you are getting your mp3s from a really large digital music site try to connect with other users who share your interest in gospel music and ask them if they have access to gospel song lyrics on their own or from a niche site.

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